Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rodents Can Cause Serious Damage

Rodents Can Cause Serious Damage

Electrical fires and phone outages
Ruined insulation: Rodents compress, shred, or move insulation for nests in attics, crawlspaces, and wall voids.
Structural damage: Rats can tunnel through and shred wood, sheetrock (trade name for plaster board), insulation, camping supplies, boxes, plastic garbage cans, and many other structural and stored items. Rats can exert thousands of pounds of pressure at the tip of their teeth! They can gnaw access holes anywhere from ground level to the roof and squeeze through tiny holes and cracks.
Urine, droppings & dead rodents: Smelly contamination is common when rodents urinate, defecate, or die in heating ductwork or other areas of a home. A secondary infestation of flies and other insects is common.
Weakened foundation soils: Many rats create elaborate tunnels that can weaken soil integrity under your home.
Grease marks: When rodents rub against siding or walls they leave unsightly rub marks or grease marks.
An initial thorough inspection from the top to the bottom left to right.
Develop a course of action to contain and protect further infestation.
Keeping rats out! we take pride in unraveling the mystery of where rodents are getting into your home. We use our extensive training in rat and mouse biology to think like a rat in order to catch a rat.
Rats and mice get into your home interior, attic, or crawlspace through entry points. Because their skulls are flexible they can get through tiny openings.

Rodent control can't be effective without sealing off these gaps. This work requires tedious attention to detail because their routes are often tricky to fully locate. This is where the art and science of rodent exclusion comes in.
Rodents carry diseases and they leave filth that can create a biohazard. As part of either attic or substructure crawlspace cleanup, Ampm pest control applies a disinfectant to surfaces. This disinfectant can't be removed, and greatly aids in the decontamination process. It is applied as a fog that drifts into hard-to-reach areas or, when needed, as a heavier spray that penetrates deeper into the surface build-up.
Deodorize the odor from rat or mouse urine, feces, and dead rodent carcasses is horrendous. The stench is always found where they've lived and sometimes it reaches into the living space of your home.

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